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About Handpoke

Handpoke means that the tattoo is done without a machine. This “old” method has been used for a long time and has its advantages:

Fast healing

The healing process is faster (usually no scabs, itching or pain) because the skin is less intensively damaged.

Less painful

Getting a handpoke tattoo is (in most cases) less painful than machine tattooing.

Less fading

In many cases, handpoke tattoos fade less over time. Especially on certain areas of the skin, such as hands/fingers.

Relaxed session

You can expect a relaxing session. For example, there is no vibration/noise from a Machine. This gives many people peace of mind during the session.

How does it work?

Handpoke means that you get a tattoo WITHOUT the use of a tattoo machine. The needle that normally goes into a tattoo machine is used manually.

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Same result

A handpoke tattoo gives the same result as a machine tattoo. The ink is poked into the same layer of skin and stays in place just as long. It's just a different method.

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dot by dot

The tattoo is created by inserting ink dot by dot into the skin. Unlike a machine tattoo where it is done so quickly that lines can appear immediately. Handpoke is therefore less harsh on your skin, as it requires less frequent poking.

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Time intensive

Because handpoke tattooing is done dot by dot, it is more time intensive. A handpoke tattoo session can therefore take a lot longer. If you want a time indication of your session, please ask me!

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