Handpoke | Stick and Poke | Machine-free Tattoos

Tattoos done by hand

Handpoke means that the tattoo is done without a machine. Are you curious how this works and what the advantages are? Read about it here.

Private Tattoo Studio

Sascha de Smit
I am Sascha. Owner and tattoo artist of Sascha Handpoked. My mission is to create... the most beautiful tattoo & (meanwhile) the most comfortable tattoo experience for you!

Less Painful

Getting a handpoke tattoo is considered less painful in most cases.

Fast Healing

Handpoke tattoos do less damage to the skin and means the tattoo often heals faster as well.

Relaxing Session

No zooming sound of a tattoo machine, chill LoFi music and a nice cup of tea | coffee you can definitely expect!

Sascha Handpoked | Private Handpoke Tattoo Studio | Made (Noord-Brabant)

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