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About Me

I am Sascha de Smit, owner and tattoo artist of “Sascha Handpoked”


As you may have already read about this, but my specialty is "Handpoked" / "Stick and Poke" or "Machine-less" Tattoos.

Dotwork & Realism

I mainly focus on Fineline, Dotwork and, my personal favorite, Micro-realism Tattoos.

My Mission

My mission as an owner and tattoo artist is of course to develop your idea into the most beautiful tattoo you can be proud of. It is also my goal that everyone feels comfortable in my studio and during the session. I set up the studio to work as clinically as possible while providing peace and comfort. Expect chill LoFi music, fun conversation and plenty of restful moments over a cup of tea or coffee!

Sascha de Smit
How did I get started?

I have always had creative hobbies. Drawing, painting & graphic design. I never thought I could make a job out of one of these creative hobbies. But HERE WE ARE!


I got my first tattoo in 2019. Soon followed the 2nd, 3rd.... That's where it all started. Also the interest to draw tattoos and tattoo myself. I started my tattoo career at the end of 2021.

Sascha de Smit


Around April 2022, I started apprenticing as a tattoo artist at a tattoo shop. This is where I Learned all about the tattoo shop, where I was able to put everything into practice.

Sascha Handpoked

My inner-entrepreneur soon figured out that I wanted to open my own private studio. In December 2022, I started Sascha Handpoked in Made, Noord-Brabant.

Sascha Handpoked | Private Handpoke Tattoo Studio | Made (noord-brabant)

You can reach me through: 

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  • Email. 

You can also contact me, using the methods above, to schedule a phonecall. 

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