Aftercare instructions

During tattooing, the skin gets damaged, creating a wound. If you take good care of the tattoo, it will take about two to three weeks for this wound to heal.

Taking care of the tattoo is most important in the first week.

If the tattoo is covered with temporary cling film, you may remove it after 2 to 5 hours.

Self-adhesive clear film (also know as “second skin”) may stay on for up to 5 days. Leave it on for at least three days if you can. During this time, you do not need to do anything about tattoo care.

Caution! Does water get under the second skin film? Then you should remove it immediately. This can happen when the film comes off.


Taking care of the tattoo

Wash your hands before taking care of the tattoo.

Once you have removed the film, you may treat the uncovered tattoo (wound) as follows:

  • wash the tattoo twice a day with a mild unscented soap (preferably brand name Unicura);
  • pat the tattoo dry with a clean (paper) towel after washing;
  • Apply a thin layer of tattoo ointment recommended by your artist of if you get allergic reactions to oitments use Vaseline jelly (100% Petroleum) to the wound twice to three times a day.


The first 2 weeks! 

Ensure that during the healing process (during the first 2 weeks):

      • you touch the tattoo wound as little as possible (wash your hands first before caring for the wound);

      • you do not scratch the tattoo wound; 

      • Do not cover the tattoo wound with tight or dirty clothing;

      • You do not cover the tattoo wound with band-aids or bandages;

      • you avoid (bubble) baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms;

      • you do not expose the tattoo wound to sunlight or tanning beds.  

    You may shower as normal with a tattoo.


    Do you have questions about your tattoo or the healing process?

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